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Jody Coyote

Jody Coyote
The name Jody Coyote has a certain ring to it, it's true, but it's also frequently misspelled. We often get inquiries from people looking for Judy Coyote earrings or Judy Coyote jewelry.

But whether you spell it Jodie Coyote, Jodi Coyote, Jody Coyte, Jody Coyete, Jody Coyate, Jodie Coyotie, Jodie Cyote, Jody Coyoty, Jody Coyota, Jody Coyotoe, Jody Cotote, Jodiy Coyote, Jody Coyles, Jody Koyote, Jody Kyoty, Jody Cody, Joan Coyote or Judy Coyote, one thing's for sure:

Inspiration from nature makes for beautiful jewelry: Jody Coyote. Jody Coyote earrings are known for carefree, boho, sometimes Asian-influenced styles, many of which are the perfect earrings for women with short hair. The designer jewelry often includes beads and Swarovski crystals, brilliant colors blowtorched onto metal and stamped or embossed mixed metal motifs. Typically ear wires are sterling silver or 14k gold filled. Chandelier earrings are often made entirely of beads and sterling silver wire. For a time, Jody Coyote LLC also crafted Jody Coyote necklaces and Jody Coyote bracelets.

All this makes the best place to buy earrings.

Here's an article about a Jody Coyote artisan:

Silversmith Creates Jewelry With Hammer, Torch and Pliers

In recent years, Jody Coyote has added necklaces and bracelets to its seasonal jewelry collections. Since the company's inception, over 10,000 unique jewelry designs have been created and continue to be imagined at the rate of 600 per year.

No knockoffs or replicas here -- Jody Coyote is an Oregon original, an American company. Some think it operates out of Portland (perhaps because it's the biggest Oregon city), but the fact is the firm still does the bulk of its jewelry production at the Eugene factory, where 150 employees produce 60,000 earrings per week. Jody Coyote LLC considered a key employer in Eugene because it hires locally. So when you buy earrings online you are acquiring a treasure you can feel proud of: goods made in the USA by people who are living in Oregon, one of the most economically-depressed areas in the United States. Jody Coyote is one of the last important jewelry designers that still manufactures in the United States. Workers at the Eugene plant use blowtorches to apply paint to metal.

Care of your beautiful Jody Coyote jewelry is easy! Polish the wire parts using a jeweler's rouge cloth or silver cleaning cloth. The embossed metal components have been treated with a protective coating, however and will not need cleaning. Avoid using cleaning solutions as these may damage the jewelry and remove protective coatings that are applied to many designs. Exposure to air is what causes silver to tarnish, so store in an airtight container or closed box.

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Jody Coyote was established in 1974 and first appeared at the well-known Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon.

All Jody Coyote designs are concocted using sterling silver and 14 kt gold-filled wire combined with a variety of stones, beads and colorful patina finishes on embossed metals. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, nearly all in the United States, and with proper care will last a lifetime. Designs range from hippie chic to whimsical and Bohemian to sophisticated.

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